Dan presents a variety of talks, live demonstrations, science shows, story-tellings, and workshops. All of these can be to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. It might be taking 4 year olds to the spacestation, demonstrating Newton's laws to teenagers, spooking families, or even blowing bubbles for adults. And he's presented to these audiences in all kinds of environments, museum galleries, outdoor festivals, small rooms and theatres.


"All the children lucky enough to attend - and all the staff - were absolutely blown away and thoroughly energised by his presentation. Needless to say, all the children are now planning careers in Science!" Teacher

Ri Science in Schools

Dan presents the Royal Institution's Science in Schools programme, primarily in and around London. If you'd like to see the Ri's content delivered in your school visit RIGB.ORG for details.

Ri-Schools Outreach-132.jpg

"His presentation skills were second to none and he had such a natural way with our children. He was more than happy to sit with our children at lunch time and answered all of their science questions. This made a big difference to us and our children have been raving about the event for the last two days, which isn't usually the response we get from children with ASD." SEN Teacher

Show Development

Dan has developed shows for his own work, consulted with colleagues in museum environments, and worked on nationwide projects such as the ASDC project, Destination Space.

As well as sourcing supplies, Dan also designs and builds his own props. He seeks to bring a theatrical element to his own shows in order to create mystery and wonder, going beyond just the facts. Always looking to include fun and excitement, Dan hopes his shows will amuse and entertain the whole audience, whatever their age or experience.


"I don't have much of a science background... but I loved it and it made me genuinely proud to be working here and be able to show what we (you) do off to my wife and children." Royal Institution Colleague

Presentation Training

Dan has trained countless colleagues in specific shows, tailoring his approach to their individual needs, even when working in groups. He likes to form a supportive environment for all that attend his training and aims to lead trainees, rather than push, to find what works for them, as well as their audiences.

Dan also trains non experts and those new to science communication to get them more comfortable with presenting for subjects, environments, or audiences they may not be used to.


"I consider myself extremely lucky to be trained by Dan on my first museum show. Dan didn't just teach us the script, but he taught us how to deliver the script in a way that suited us and how to make a show unique. I still think about the techniques Dan taught me and I have since passed his advice on to other trainees." Anna, Science Museum Explainer

Video Content

Dan has worked alongside the Digital Content team at the Royal Institution, creating video content for their successful YouTube channel, including presenting to camera. See more about the ExpeRimental series he worked on below.

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Watch the Ri's 2017 Halloween Video HERE


Dan was content consultant for the third series of ExpeRimental, the Royal Institution's series encouraging adults to do science activities with their children. After researching and developing the activities, Dan wrote the scripts and filming schedules, organised participants, and directed and produced these videos. Check them out below, and try them for your self.

ExpeRimental slide.pptx.png

Science Museum

Dan worked in the Explainer team of the Science Museum in London for ten years, mostly in the free interactive gallery; Launchpad. He delivered demos, shows, storytellings, and on gallery interactions, with school and public audiences, and from nursery children all the way to adults. Dan continues to be involved with the museum and their Astronights sleepovers and Lates adult evenings.


"We watched Dan give one of the best demos at the Science Museum Wonderlab last weekend. Dry ice and then liquid nitrogen with gummy snakes. Absolutely brilliant. “Be prepared to run if I spill any”." Online visitor comment